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The Trial: Kajol’s Unexpected Onscreen Kiss After 23 Years Leaves Fans Surprised

Kajol, one of the most popular and respected actresses in India, has shocked her fans by breaking her no-kissing policy after 23 years. In her latest web series, The Trial, which is streaming on Disney+Hotstar, Kajol shares onscreen kisses with her co-stars Alyy Khan and Jisshu Sengupta in two different episodes.

The scenes quickly became viral on social media, with fans expressing a mix of shock and admiration for Kajol’s bold decision. Many also praised the chemistry between Kajol and her co-stars, who portray her love interests in the series.

Kajol has never shied away from speaking her mind, and she has previously said that she chose not to kiss on-screen because she felt it was not necessary for her characters. However, she has also said that she is open to kissing if it is done tastefully and in the context of the story.

In The Trial, Kajol plays the role of Noyonika Sengupta, a lawyer who is falsely accused of murder. The kisses in the series are not gratuitous or exploitative, but rather they are used to show the emotional connection between Noyonika and her love interests.

Kajol’s decision to break her no-kissing policy has been met with mixed reactions, but it is clear that she is not afraid to challenge herself and take risks. The scenes in The Trial are sure to be talked about for years to come, and they are a testament to Kajol’s talent and willingness to push herself as an actress.

In the second scene, Nyonika kisses her husband, Rajeev, after he is released from jail. The kiss is a symbol of their reunion and their renewed commitment to each other. It is also a moment of catharsis for Nyonika, as she finally feels like she can put the past behind her.

The fact that Kajol’s character is a wife and mother of two does not make her kisses any less impactful. In fact, it makes them more so. These scenes show that Nyonika is a complex and nuanced character who is capable of great love and passion. They also show that she is not afraid to break the rules if it means following her heart.

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