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The startling Social Media Influencer and model Alva Jay

Self-belief is what makes a person successful.

Alva Jay

With the growth of technology and mass media, the lifestyle of people is evolving day by day. In today’s time where everyone tries to hit the gym and outdoor training for workout, a lot of them get inspired by online fitness rituals by their favorite influencer.

Alva Jay, the astonishing model and social media influencer is one such personality to look up for fitness tip. The aspirational journey of this beauty is inspiration itself for anybody to follow her. This charming young lady hails from Southern California who has once been a victim of anxiety due to her excessive weight. Her fat-to-fit transformation is worth acknowledging.

Before coming up on social media, Alva Jay was involved in the business of selling contact lens. With the desire to bring change, and enhance the importance of fitness among the people, she created her social media content for the people who are facing body issues, that once this young lady had faced.

Her videos and content are not just about fitness, but also self-belief and positive energy. Alva always urges people to stay away from social stereotypes and create their pathways. “Self-love and acceptance are especially important for everyone. Love yourself the way you are. No one will respect you if you do not respect yourself”. Alva is a complete fitness freak, and very obedient towards her workout. “Fitness is very necessary, as a healthy person is always a happy person.”
Her presence on social media and videos never misses catching the eyeballs of the people. The diva is a living combination of bold, and beautiful which, she proves on her every video. Alva explored different networking platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. Her content on Snapchat has become viral on several occasions, and her bold content on the adult-subscription platform FanCentro has helped her in building a strong fanbase, in millions over the web.

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