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Manavika Agarwal – The Young Pioneer of Woman Empowerment in India

Manavika Agarwal

Manavika at a young age has taken the uphill task by launching her woman empowerment movement Save girl, Educate girl.

The families in rural areas have proved the myth where the education of their daughters are hindered because of their stereotypical mindset that it’s not worth spending on the education of girls as they are not considered future family bread earners. After reading the daily headlines of women for rape and women facing problems with their education which is caused due to financial crisis at home and family pressure, we all want to raise our voice against the injustice and prejudice but hardly any end up finding the right way to do so.

But one such woman who is ready to represent each of us and speak us for the imbalance caused by human nature, our ray of hope Ms. Manavika Agarwal. Girl education is the most effective and powerful tool which can open up new opportunities to all types of people. In ancient India, the girl was always positioned at a higher and sacred position. But now, girls have lost their position and are completely refrained from obtaining a proper education.

Manavika Agarwal has launched a platform named for girls to raise their voices about the problems faced by every female in India and rest of the world. SGEG has a vision to ensure that by 2030 every woman in India will have basic education up to graduation level, and eradicate female foeticide (killing of female child in prenatal stage) and thirdly “Zero Rape World”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” which is a campaign that aims to generate awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls in India.

The management of millions of household and the upbringing of millions of children in thus is the hands of illiterate women. “So the women who has the responsibility of raising the next generation of the country needs to be educated” says Manavika Agarwal. The literacy rate of women in India as per, 2011 census, is 64.46 percent while the male literacy rate is 82.14 percent. The states that include the lowest female literacy numbers are Rajasthan (52.66 %), followed by Bihar (53.33 %), Jharkhand (56.21 %) .

Eve teasing, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence against women are weapons used by the males to display superiority. This is one of the prime reasons violence against women is increasing in India and women safety is a concern. The role of women outside home is becoming an important and even essential feature of our present day reality.

Rape is a disease which can attack anyone anywhere. It is an evil that has no boundaries. It doesn’t differentiate between a 3-year-old kid and an 80-year-old lady. From parties to workplaces to our homes, rape and harassment have become a norm. The survivors of these heinous crimes are then left to be humiliated throughout their life.

Manavika Agarwal vows that she won’t stop until she sees change for the women around the world and until her mission is accomplished. She has undertaken a lot of events for girl education, and female sanitation for her Rotaract Club. She also is in process of launching her first Start-up Loyalty Points, which will be India’s first loyalty and reward program. It is imperative to have young activists like her in our country to be at the forefront of such an important movement. A lot of change needs to be done and it seems like Manavika is determined to be the one to do it.

Manoj L


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