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The spirit of Lastbenchers : The short story behind the scene


The path to successful movie making venture of the film called Lastbenchers wasn’t that easy. You will not find big stars involved in it, ace singers, known music director or cinematographer but common and usual people knowing not much about the same. This movie venture had simple and ordinary young men who had dream in their eyes to make something big and incredible. In a city like Nagpur wherein you can find a dearth of resources and talent aspiring to make a full fledged movie wasn’t an easy nut to crack. But thanks to people like Prajakt Rebeloma, he took all the pain to collect all the bits and pieces and embarked with the said movie.

For him, film making was not bed of roses kind of venture since it had many hiccups, which were difficult to conquer. He has his dreams clear and vivid in his mind all though he lagged in resources, expertise and people to make his dream movie a big reality. He was a man lying on the bed with broken leg, he didn’t have the lady whom he loved a lot and he was cursed for being a college dropout. Instead of finding all these odds as big reasons to stay a failure, he overcome these hurdles and embarked with a successful movie at the end.

It was his stubbornness to bring the success on his feet made the difference. With more than 60-70 people in his crew wherein almost all of them had no idea of film making, he learnt this art by browsing the web and exploring the books on movie making. He then learnt this professional art without actually visiting any prestigious drama or acting school and then slowly and steadily he learnt and mastered the art of film making. His younger brother – Sanket Galactus took care of the cinematography part, he explored the ways of capturing the movie the best along with trying a number of multitasking things.

Slowly and steadily as Prajakt, Sanket and his team started learning about film making and started delegating the film in the real letter and spirit, the day came when the duo were able to make the movie par with any other Bollywood movie. In order to give the realistic taste and edge to the movie, Prajakt and his crew chose Nagpur and its vicinity to shoot the entire film. Right from hiring new talents and unknown faces, Prajakt added countless stuff, which was inspired by his day to day life of his past few years. That makes the film interesting and worthy to be talked and discussed in this domain. The spirit of Lastbenchers lays in perseverance, giving chance to newbie and startup guys, learning & exploring the tough task of film making and then experimenting on the same to embark with a successful movie.

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