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The Role of media in the life of Bollywood celebrity

media and bollywood

The role of media in the life of Bollywood celebrity actors seems to be huge in terms of making them as star in the society. The media simply helps all these actors to connect with different people via a number of mediums. The presence of media really turns the things around for making the celebrity visible among the society. You could see a number of actors relying on different forms of media to take a big advantage of them. During their movie promotions, they remain very much extra sweet to the media. You may find the irritation being visible over the faces since most of the time they do not take the criticism of media too positively.

Media makes the star

The media, however, holds the right to question the star pertaining to anything, which they find worthy asking. The celebrity cannot afford to have everything personal since their entire life turns out to be public, which then gives them the status of a popular star. That’s the price the stars pay for getting the celebrity hood from the media. People who tend to be their fans want to know about their stars and media thus will cover everything what they find both worthy and non worthy to be covered in their news channels or print media. Being a star, you have to make a number of compromises and accept the criticism from the media as the stars would be scrutinized everywhere.

Bollywood stars and double standards

If you remember the issue of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor holiday in Spain the kind of furor created by them about the said reports hold no water since they being celebrities would be covered in the media, which you are not supposed to deal with it so aggressively. When the same media has made both of them as bigger stars, the two have reached to the zenith of their career success only due to the media coverage and the way they have been covered all corners of the media. You are supposed to be conscious about what you say and do in public for being the star. Since the media is the watch dog of the society and leaves no stone unturned to cover the stars even if they are seen sneezing in public.

The celebrities cannot live with double standards when the same media makes they have no business in castigating them for covering their lives in public. Just recently, Shraddha Kapoor was seen getting unnerved when someone in the public was seen clicking the photographs. You can even find Priyanka Chopra hiding her face when she was being clicked by her fans in public. With the advent of social media the power and authority of mainstream media is no more monotonous. Even fans in huge number who dwell in powerful online communities over the social media can make or mar the stars. Thus such reactions like throwing tantrums of photos being clicked by fans or press by the stars have no validity in public domain or else they should be courageous enough to shun their celebrity hood.

Why stars sell so much ?

The reasons why the three Khans – SRK, Aamir and Sallu are on the top as compared to Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar is the fact that they are more sellable then these two. They have more star value, which makes them more newsworthy for the media. Anything coming out them would be covered more than people like Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey for obvious reasons. However, the latter (Rakhi and Pandey) may leave no stone unturned to be covered in the media for their weird statements and actions but the lack of news stuff in them will bring them always down as compared to the three Khans of Bollywood.

Salman and SRK, both remain the best examples for using the stardom and media for their own promotions be it comes via any controversy or any other thing. Though both remain poles apart when it comes to approaching and dealing with the media. SRK is more candid, friendly and respecting to the media, his sense of humor has been always applauded by the media, his personal life as a good father and good husband has its own impact in the media and society, which simply increases his star value in the media. He has been an ace actor, who has time and again proved himself giving best blockbusters to the audience and above all dealing with controversies, he is very much open and smart.

On the contrary, you have Salman Khan who remains in the bad book of B Town. He is often in news for the wrong reasons, sometime accidents; sometime he is ugly in his comments on any actor sometime even smashing any news reporter and so on. He doesn’t sounds that friendly with the media unlike the way you find SRK. However, lately, he has also been known as a star with a large heart, he has shaped the careers of many struggling actresses in the B Town, he has been known for giving loads of money to charity, he is also popular for giving expensive gifts to his friends and co stars unlike the one you hear giving a luxurious 3 BHK flat to her Kick co star.

Wrapping up

So the crux at this point is that both media and stars are interdependent to each other, you cannot blame each other for any unlawful thing as both are responsible in making each other to a great extent. So media and Bollywood can be therefore called as interchangeable terms, which goes together till both exists in this world.

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