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Hrithik Roshan’s top 10 hidden and interesting facts

Hrithik Roshan is not a star who is known for having a perfect body but also known for other things like excellent dancing and acting skills. Right from his first movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai to the recent released Krrish sequels, he has been incredible in his career. This has therefore garnered a huge amount of fans all across the world. Being his fan, you would certainly like to know certain hiding and interesting facts about this man. Let’s check the top 10 hidden and interesting facts about this green eye B Town actor as under:

Hrithik Roshan facts

1). Hrithik first appeared on camera in in 1980

Do you know that Hrithik Roshan appeared before camera when he was barely 6 years old? His maternal grandfather who happened to be the popular producer and director was the man to first introduce the superstar to screen way back in 1980 for the movie called Aasha. He shot him and his friends secretly, while Hrithik was seen dancing at the given tune.

2).He bunked his school a lot

Hrithik banked a lot from his school pretending that he is not feeling well or have fallen sick. He did this simply keep away from the oral exams as he faced the stammering issue. He then went for a speech therapy on a regular basis to clear his voice.

3). Uday is his school friend

Uday Chopra has been his friend since his school days when he was in his fourth standard. They had good time together while being friends forever.

4). He lived always in Pain

Almost all his life, Hrithik Roshan has suffered pain. When he turned 19, he said he will never be able to become an actor due to spinal disc herniation. Even when he reached the age of 33, he faced crutches for around six months due to this arthritis issues having in the right knee.

5). He is too fond of photography

The superstar simply loves photography, which is not known to much people. Being a child, he avoided traveling without having his camera and always ensured the fact that he captured cool pictures wherever he used to find the same. He has maintained a huge amount of pictures in his database since last 12 years.

6).His father still beats him

Hrithik’s father is very much strict when he notices the superstar throwing empty beer bottles with his friends over their terrace. He is still being beaten like kids if he is seen breaking the rules of his father.

7). Salman Khan has trained him

Hrithik has got all his training under the supervision of Sallu bhai for his debut movie. The dance and body you find in the super star was Salman’s gift to the green eye superstar.

8). He wanted to quit the industry

If you remember that his father Rakesh Roshan was shot by a hit man sent by the Bollywood mafia, it was the same time it made the superstar upset. He was dismayed to a great extent that he really wanted to leave the industry.

9). He learns Urdu

The movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai had extensive use of Urdu, which required formal training in this language. He therefore learnt the language and did pronounce the words with utter perfection and courage.

10). He always wanted to travel Japan but he never went there

One of the interesting about this man is that he always wanted to travel Japan but unfortunately, he never got the chance to visit this country. However, his two favorite destination include Phuket in Thailand and London in England wherein he goes to have holiday with his friends and family.

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