The name on everyone’s lips – London’s brightest Aesthetics Clinic

The name on everyone’s lips – London’s brightest Aesthetics Clinic

Harley Street Injectables  was developed on Harley Street in  2014 by Alice Henshaw. Alice’s success tells its own story from her international clientele, to her extensive press coverage. Featured in the Times magazine, Grazia, Glamour to name a few.She owns Harley Street Injectables the clinic and a skin care range called ‘Skincyles’.

A pioneer in the field of non-surgical cosmetic medicine, Alice Henshaw is renowned not only for her incredible skills and knowledge as a cosmetic practitioner but also for her social media presence. Her London cosmetic medical industry Instagram account boasts a huge following of her fans and clients.

Alice single headedly set up Harley Street Injectables in London’s 2014, which is now one of London’s most sought-after cosmetic clinics. She is a qualified nurse prescriber and a member of BACN, Saveface and a founding member of British Association of Aesthetic Nursing.

Alice is an NMC Registered Independent Nurse Prescriber. She did her bachelors degree in Auckland New Zealand and worked as a cardiac nurse before moving to England. She completed her masters in London’s United Kingdom and worked at numerous cosmetic clinic on the prestigious Harley Street. It was here she developed a special interest in the medical aesthetic industry.

During her time working in the industry she saw the lack of personal, tailored injectable treatments and wanted to be able to offer her clientele a more tailored, bespoke and quality service. Alice’s passion for each client, the after care service and her expertise to say no to a client when she believes a treatment is not in the best interest for them separates her from the ‘profit not people’ clinics.

Alice’s aim to educate her clients on safety in beauty and the dangers of cosmetic Injectables is leading the way for a new era of transparency throughout the industry. In the spirit of this, she has been nominated and was a finalist for Nurse of the Year in the Safety and Beauty awards, 2019 and 2020 respectively.

With Harley Street Injectables, you can enjoy a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures from a highly trained professional. This includes treatments to improve the effects of aging, preventative treatments and life-changing transformations. Achieving natural results that promote subtle revitalisation is always the goal of ours, so that patients can be happy with their experience and feel more confident in their own skin.

We don’t just provide anti-aging injectable treatments in clinic, we also offer leading dermatology treatments for clients that suffer from acne, acne scarring and non-surgical procedures to help with weight loss, tightening and lifting. Each treatment is fully customised to suit the individual client’s needs.

Patients always come first at Harley Street Injectables. We take the time to get to know you before your treatment so that we can deliver the best results. A personal care plan will be created for each individual taking time to carefully choose the ideal procedure for their concerns. We take into account your time frame and goals to work around your lifestyle. Our injectable services include but are not limited to anti wrinkle injections, botox injections (Botulinum Toxin), dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid filler, PRP, mesotherapy and Profhilo. All of these products are used to treat issues such as forehead lines, crows feet and volume loss that come with aging. We use ultra fine needles and cannula needles for our treatments with minimal side effects and recovery time.

We will make sure that you are familiar with the treatments before they begin so that you feel confident and have peace of mind. All of the risks will be evaluated and explained to you beforehand and any after care will be supported.


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