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The Bollywood Stars and their Controversial Ads

Aishwarya in a banned ad

Endorsements for Bollywood stars have been one of the popular of option of making money and increasing their brand value in the Marketing. They are often seen selling a number of products through TV ads of different brands and companies, day in and day out. Right from simple shampoos to electronic items, they have a long list of articles being sold by them. However, at times, these ads hit the wrong nerve making everyone involved in trouble. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is among the latest Bollywood star who have been targeted after doing a particular ad for a south Indian based brand of jewellery. She is not alone to turn controversial, however, there are slew of them in Bollywood, who have become the victim of these controversies. Let’s check them out:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Let’s start with Aishwarya. She was seen in a print media ad for the Kalyan Jewllery brand ad wherein she was seen in a child slave avatar holding umbrella over her. The ad brought public outrage over the social media for the racist portrayal. Soon there was a reaction (statement) coming from the actress that the image was changed without taking her consent, however, the reaction from people were seen pouring in, which also included an open letter from a former chairperson of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPC) and other activists who slammed for the said ad in an open letter.

Shah Rukh Khan

This man is known for endorsing highest number of brands in the market. He was seen endorsing for a fairness cream for men. However, the very same time an ad campaign called Dark Is Beautiful was being launched by Nandita Das, which was gaining worldwide momentum. Soon, the actress filed a petition in order to take down the ad and gained the support by asking Shah Rukh Khan in order get into some responsible endorsements.

Dino Morea & Bipasha Basu

Once upon a time the actor Dino Morea and the dusky beauty Bipasha Basu were among the hottest couples in Bollywood during the late nineties. In 1997, the duo being hot couple in the industry gave them a Swiss undergarment brand ad campaign. Dino was seen pulling off Bips’ panty with his teeth, which was objected by the ministry of cultural affair and soon the ad was pulled off.

Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre

This was one of the popular ads of shoe which brought forth both Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre into trouble way back in 1995. The two were seen nothing but a pair of shoe carrying the python for modesty’s point of view for the said shoe brand. The ad was brutally criticized by a number of social organizations including the NGOs and animal activists since they were seen taking up the cudgels over python.

Sana Khan

In the year 2007, was seen doing an overtly suggestive and racy kind of ad for men’s underwear brand, which was met with a number of protests. Technically speaking, Sana Khan was seen washing her husband’s underwear flaunting her body in a suggestive fashion over a pond just to make other women there envious. The entire ad turned controversial and marked as obscene making her popular for a wrong reason. The ad was called off for inviting loads of irk from social groups and activists.

Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson

The two turned controversial by a condom ad way back in 1991, which showcased them by having a shower together. During those days, the ad turned out to be one of the boldest ads to be carried out by any brand on Indian TV. It was banned by the only channel those days called Doordarshan as it simply hampered the conservative sensibilities found in Indian society.

Wrapping up

Having stars for commercial ads is one of the best ways to sell products to the consumers considering the fact that they have a huge fan following. At times, treading this path can become risky and strike a wrong nerve creating problems.



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