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The Bollywood Queen-Kangana remains silent for her birthday celebrations

Shocked of the above statement?

Well! There’s nothing to be shocked about! After all its Kangana Ranaut!

Kangana Ranaut

The Bollywood queen, Kangana has revealed her birthday plans for her upcoming birthday on 23rd March that takes her to the state of silence. 10 days before her birthday, the birthday girl will be heading to Manali in search of silence and solitude but, with her family. The actress will be turning 32 years old, this year. She has decided on celebrating her special day with her family in complete tranquility. Gifting herself a Yoga Camp spot, the actress needs her perfect me-time in the beautiful valleys of Manali further extended to a camp in Coimbatore.

She will soon fly to Coimbatore for attending her wellness programme which will involve meditation as well. Even though this will take a lot of commitment but, Kangana after all is know for her well held commitments and plans. Only Kangana could have thought of such an inventive birthday gift for her.

Along with this very innovative gifting idea, she also revealed her love for Yoga that has been imbibing in her since long. Adding to her story, she mentioned that she has been practicing yoga since she was of the age 16 or 17. This year her birthday came out as a perfect opportunity to gift herself the complete calmness and peace associated with Yoga and meditation. Soon after her personal time with her family in Manali, she will head to Coimbatore to celebrate the perfect gift she has gifted herself.

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