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Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive – Movie Review

terebinladen-deadoralive movie review

This Friday, you have a couple of movies releasing including the Tere Bin Laden, which is directed by Abhishek Sharma, while it is produced by Pooja Shetty Deora and Aarti Shetty under the banner of Walkwater Media. The film has Manish Paul, Sikander Kher, Pradhuman Singh, Mia Uyeda and Piyush Mishra in the lead roles. The film is sequel of the 2010 film Tere Bin Laden. The first part had Ali Zafar who is now being replaced by Manish Paul. The two films though are interlinked but fails to have the continuity in it and unlike the previous one, it revolves around the so called dreaded terrorist called Bin Laden, how about having a deep look inside the film as under:

The Plot

The film Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive is once again set against the mysterious death of Osama Bin Laden by counter reports claiming that he is still alive and stirring one of the biggest controversy in this world. The United States want to prove the world they have killed the dreaded terrorist while Piyush Mishra has his own group that deals with arms and ammunition and thus hatches a plan to make this man alive. Thus the film is a whacky comical satire, which transpires in the desperate tussle between the US and the terrorists. A filmmaker called Sharma is stuck in this distressed crossfire and keen to make a big break, he gets a US agent turned filmmaker from Hollywood who wants to make a film on Bin Laden using his doppelganger Paddi Singh. His hidden motive is to gun down the terrorist to prove his death.


The film revolves around the so called dreaded terrorist and the mission to find him or gun down by the US agencies. Amidst this issue a satire is created with loads of humor added in it keeping the filmmaking set in between this issue. The film though has a number of humorous sequences; however, it soon becomes hollow making even the film very much predictable. Though the film appeared too comical in the trailer, however, when the audience will catch the film, there isn’t much elements found in it, which can make you laugh. The script seems to have too many flaws, which hampers the overall tempo of the film.

Now talking about the performances in the film, let’s start with Manish Paul who plays the filmmaker called Sharma looking out for a big break in film industry. Though he is a decent actor, but in this film seems to have been pitted with too much of overacting. Most of his punches and one liners appear to be losing the comical value as these are supposed to carry. At least, all these values were seen in the prequel wherein we had the ace actor Ali Zafar. His replacement with Manish seems to be a gross mistake of the director. The others too remained average trying too hard the comedy making a mess in a big way.

Now, talking about the direction, the film seems to be okay in one way or the other, however the director has failed to bring out the fire required in the sequel. By making a good prequel with Ali Zafar and other talented actors from B Town, he had raised the expectations of the audience, which seems to have hampered in many ways. The music has not much to do and has little importance with comical satires like these. Now talking about technical elements like photography and editing, they seem to be okay.

Tere Bin Laden the last word

Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive is essentially a comical satire, however, as we catch the film, you may find the comical elements getting hampered a lot. The performances of the lead actors seem to be average, thanks to the average direction. Also, the other elements too had little to do justice to the film hampering the overall entertainment value of the film. Perhaps the wrong choice of actors in the star cast for Tere Bin Laden – Dead or Alive has come in its way, which was not the case with the prequel. Thus the rating of the film would go down for sure.

Rating – 2.0

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