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Temples Dedicated to Bollywood actors

It seems that the 33 crore god and goddesses are insufficient for the Indians to have temples on Bollywood actors and other celebrities. The people of India are crazy for the celebrities, which include the actors and the political personalities whom they worship. Their love and passion for their actors are high to such an extent that they end up building temples for them. How about exploring the list of top actors in Bollywood to which their fans have dedicated temples for them, let’s check them:

1). Amitabh Bachchan: Calcutta, West Bengal


The Big B who is known as the biggest stars in B Town has millions of fans all across the world. So, it is no surprise to see him getting worshiped like a god. And in reality he has a temple, which is located in the capital of West Bengal called Calcutta. The temple has a head priest as well as the idol in it. The temple has the photos of Bachan that has also a morning ritual.

2) Kushboo: Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.


The actress Kushboo Sundar needs no introduction as she happens to be the biggest stars in Kollywood. She enjoys her own stardom and it has sent out a tizzy kind of sensation with her temple built up in a temple for her in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. The actress was seen getting very much upbeat about it. She has remained in the headlines of media with her remarks on the pre-marital sex and the AIDS becoming the reason of the anger among her fans. The fans even razed the temple to ground with this controversy.

3). Mamata Kulkarni: Nellore, AP

Mamata Kulkarni

Yes, you heard it right, the glamorous girl of B Town who also slept with the producers to get one role in B Town also has a temple. The Fans of Nellore, Andhra Pradesh has seen building up a temple in her name once she was seen stealing the hearts of many Telugu audiences. It is very much surprising that a non-actor Telugu actor was seen going to a temple in the Telugu speaking state.

4). Nagma: Tamil Nadu


The lady Nagma is known to have stolen the hearts of millions of people with her oomph factor. The unprecedented success she has got with her films with her hot roles has made the fans to built her a temple. However, with her fame going down her temple too is seen remaining unattended. Yet see her temple still standing with no one visit.

5). Rajinikanth: Kolar, Karnataka


He is the Superstar not just in South but also in Bollywood who has given some of his best movies in both the industries. Hence it is no surprise to see a temple of his in the place called Kolar in Karnataka. In fact, the fans have installed a one crore Shiva lingas along with the huge Shiva linga at its centre.

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