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Television Actors talks about bond of love between a brother and a sister on Rakhi Festival.

Celeb Celebriting Rakhi
Celeb Celebriting Rakhi

TANYA SHARMA:  I may not have a real brother but I do understand that a brother sister relation is so pure and so special! I consider my elder sister as my brother and actually I tie her a Rakhi every year she’s just like a big bro to me, she’s protective, an adviser and I can always share every thing with her so I think no matter happens brother sister relation can never fade away.

ANUJ SACHDEVA: No matter what worse situation are in life from your childhood to old age. Bhai-Behn relation is eternal. Always remain.

RUBINA DILAIK: I have two younger sisters, and they tie me Rakhi every year! My parents brought us up like sons, so we have never felt that we did not have a brother.

DEEPIKA SINGH: Raksha Bandhan is very special day for me,  I have a younger brother. Today also we still behave like kids. We fight sometimes and patch up at the same time. He is totally like me bindass and carefree.  I am a very caring person and being a elder sister I make sure that I complete all his needs so on this special day I get a chance to demand whatever I want. He is the best brother in this world and I can’t imagine my life without him.

PEARL V PURI: It’s very easy to say she is sister like, just don’t say it take the responsibility. “protect her rather protesting after her death.” Prove that you are a human being.

KARAN V GROVER: The commitment with which we want to respect and protect our own sisters is what we have to learn to look at women in general,  only then will every sister feel protected in our society. I’m not saying we have to look at all women as sisters but we have to learn to respect and treat them the way we would want our sisters to be treated.

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