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Tejasswi, Roop, Mahika shares Monsoon fitness Funda


Monsoon brings in fun and enjoyment. It also brings in rains and traffic jams. All this effects your workout and jogging. Television actress brings their fitness funda to stay fit this monsoon.

Tejasswi Prakash: Monsoons can be enjoyed with music and dance. If you love to dance, dance like nobody is watching. This helps you keep yourself flexible and fit. This a fun tip to enjoy your indoor monsoon workout. You can also pick up some exercise DVD’s or surf the internet for exercises that you can do at home.

Roop Durgapal: For monsoons, Stairs are superb exercising device themselves, So avoiding lifts walking up and down the stairs, is a superb tip for a good monsoon fitness. Yoga is an exercise that can be performed, any airy spot in your house is best to practice simple asanas to keep yourself fit.

Mahika Sharma: All of us may not go the gym. A morning or evening walk is on most people’s regular workout schedule. However, the morning or evening showers might be an issue so indoor Exercises are best to beat the rain or practicing yoga also helps to reduce respiratory problems that are very common during the monsoon season.

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