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Dhanak Movie Trailer: Salman Khan as about Shah Rukh Khan Bash Up the Goons

Jeetu Likhar




Having lovable siblings is actually a best of god and is something that no one in this globe can explain what’s the bonding made with? The only thing that explores in front of the people is nothing but the essence of childhood days like the stubbornness, affection, the love in between the siblings, a single word for all of these activities is nothing but ‘Dhanak’. A movie purely under the directions of Nagesh Kukunoor and featuring some lovely stars like Hetal Gada, Krrish Chhabria as Chotu, Chet Dixon, Asha Saini and one of our favorite Vibha Chibber as one of the leading stars in the movie. Why don’t you check out the trailer right here..

Well the trailer initiates with a true friendship between small kid Pari and her little brother Chotu unfortunately who’s is blind. Here what the viewers can see is the loving fan of the King Khan i.e. Shah Rukh Khan who’s Pari on one side however her brother Chotu is fan of our dashing star ‘Salman Khan’ and the thing which magnifies the viewers toward the movie is nothing but the love against their respective fans, check out the trailer right here..

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