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Team of ‘Missing On A Weekend’ receive thunderous response at Matunga Gujarati Club

The team of upcoming investigative thriller film ‘Missing On A Weekend’ recently showcased their hard-hitting trailer at the popular Matunga Gujarati Club here, where the large crowd assembled gave their thumbs up to the film. The cast of the film led by Pavan Malhotra, singer Hariharan’s son Karan, television actor Dishank Arora and other actors along with the director Abhishek Jawkar were present at the club. The fast-paced trailer of the thriller was showcased on the big screens and the big crowd greeted it with a rousing applause. Numerous people gathered even spoke with the Jawkar and Pavan Malhotra complimenting them for the story of the film.

Pavan Malhotra said, “‘Missing On A Weekend’ is not some huge film, made of 100 crores with a publicity of 50 crores. It’s a whodunit thriller. I genuinely feel that we have attempted to narrate a very good story. At the end of the day, who is acting doesn’t make any difference, once you come to the theatre then after the first three scenes then it’s the story and the characters that matter.” The story of the film traces strange happenings in a group of friends on their trip to Goa, where five of them go missing and one gets killed. Malhotra sets out to solve the mysterious case as the investigative officer.

Jawkar said, “Content has always been the king, but still promotions are very important. It’s also very important to hammer the title into the audiences’ minds. Holding the high-flying content of our film, we are here to start the foolproof promotions of our film. We showed our trailer to this large crowd and we received a thunderous response. We have not made the film with the intention to draw whistles from our audience like how Shah Rukh and Salman trigger. Our film is extremely realistic about the situations that visitors to Goa face. The film is based on the theme ‘Are visitors safe in Goa?’ Our film, which is a murder mystery, will definitely connect with the youth of the country.”

‘Missing On A Weekend’ is presented by The Red Bulb Studios and Adept Films and will hit the screens on June 24.

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