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Talvar Movie Review

talvar-movie - review

Same Old Story though with New Presentation which come along with incredible performances

This Friday, you have a couple of movies releasing, which certainly include the Crime Drama known as Talvar. It has brought back the infamous 2008 Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case twice this year, first during the release of the film Rahasya and now with the Megna Gulzar movie Talwar. The film has Konkona Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi and Irrfan Khan in the lead roles, while it unveils the mysterious the twin murder case before the media. Now, how about digging deep into the film to get the gist of the same starting with the story to the script and other things:


The story we all know since long, which is very much similar to the earlier movie Rahasya released on the same subject covering the infamous case, however, there are certain other twists and turns, which can be seemed new to the audience. Here, you can find a young girl who is mysteriously killed and no one knows what goes behind this killing when one fine day the later teenager’s father is arrested on the charges of killing the only daughter by the police. This brings out the mystery that surrounds the double mystery murder case.

Scrip Analysis

Talvar can be called as a minor miracle of a film, wherein it is seen mining riveting yet balanced drama from the infamous real life murder case that was lost in the dust ridden files in police stations. This movie is a mature and insightful commentary of urban India while talking about the culpability and criminality found in the case. Meghna was smart enough to dramatize the case in order to add some creativity in the script while showcasing the murder and its aftermath, while the writer has taken all the paint to add the element of sensationalism squarely as needed by the film. Without taking resort over the cheap thrills, the filmmaker is able to deliver a gripping and genre defying film.

The Performances

Some of the best performances were witnessed by the pivotal actors like Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen and Neeraj Kabi along with the other actors involved in the supporting roles. All these actors are known for their skills and incredible performance and they have left no stone unturned to understand their characters the best and dig in deep to give the best over the silver screen. Apart from covering the double murder case, the film was successful enough to portray the role of the media and the way they behave while covering sensitive issues like these and the way it turns salacious before the news reader or audience. When Irrfan Khan comes being the mainstay of the film, it is really difficult for anyone to keep his or her eyes off the screen. Neeraj and Konkona while playing the character of Talvars were able to neatly convey the anguish and befuddlement while being hit by the dual tragedy.

Music, Screenplay and other aspects

The director has smartly used the powerful lyrics and proper music to portray the misery and dilemma of Talvars giving away a perfect giveaway to the audience. As the emotional thriller has the least to do with the happy moments, hence Meghna has smartly used her father’s words woven with good music to add values to the film. The screenplay went perfect in the film, which was successful enough to portray the divide found in the urban India along with pinching over the overstretched legal systems and salacious media who is always keen to give something sensational to the audience. The other elements like music, editing, locations and other factors seemed perfect and was seen giving the right value to the film.

Talvar – The Last Word

Talvar is essentially is all about covering the infamous double murder case of Aarushi, which stormed the media with sensation news and events. The film was smart enough to showcase not just the case with the mystery being solved in an expected way at the climax but is also talks about the way the media, judicial system and police department work in the country. The three important pillars of Democracy in India has been dysfunctional since India gained its independence, which decayed with the passing time and till it reached to the age of Aarushi Talvar’s murder, these systems have been on the floor with hardly anything to do. Since there is anything new to be presented on the silver screen hence story and script wise, the film has nothing much to deliver except the new way of presenting the story before the audience through Talvar. The performance has been incredible of all the actors who are playing lead roles in the film. Megna though worked hard in the film, but it will have less business for obvious reasons, which will also have an adverse on its ratings.

Rating – 3.5

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