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SustainKart skincare label Bhoomitra launched by Keerthy Suresh, Kanthi Dutt & Shilpa Reddy

The powerhouse trio have been dropping hints and keeping everyone guessing about their new venture launching soon

SustainKart which is one unique eCommerce portal exclusive for sustainable brands launched their own skin care brand Bhoomitra. “Using only native ingredients like Elaichi, saffron, rose, manjistha and camphor that are 100% pure, high performing, luxurious makes our product unique and special” says the founding partner Keerthy Suresh, an award winning national actress.

SustainKart aims at making a strong presence in the eCommerce and retail industries. Since the launch in 2021 January, the brand not only made its mark in the e-commerce market but also got a lot of consumer eyeballs due to the grand launch using multiple celebrities. The new skincare brand looks quite promising and seems to create competition with leading Indian national skincare brands.

SustainKart founder Shilpa Reddy said, “The brand is only the start of a huge expansion plans for SustainKart. Stay tuned for more”. The brand is following the philosophy of ancient Ayurveda and takes the consumers back to their roots, grandmother times. With strong presence on social platforms, the three founders seem to attract great sales right from the beginning.

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