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The superstitions in Bollywood actors

The superstitions in Bollywood

Success for getting the stardom simply rely on hard work and destiny, however, there are few stars that simply rely on destiny alone. Success is nothing when preparations meet opportunities; still there are certain B Town, who rely heavily on stuffs like Luck. You can see the Bollywood starts checking their particular Mahurat and even visit scared places before releasing their movies or even singing up the same. It is really not new to see how our Bollywood stars are very much superstitions , however, knowing the exact ones would be interesting to check.

One of the top names that come in this category is of Salman Khan who is often seen wearing the azure bracelet in every movie. It is said to be gifted by his father (Salim Khan) who is among the veteran screen writer. As per sources, this bracelet was seen getting lost in one of the parties, when suddenly Salam asked to stop the party and search out the same, which was later found by people there. He was also seen presenting another such bracelet to Govinda, while in the recent times, he has come up with a new locket in his neck, which was noticed in the month of Ramadan for his upcoming film Kick.

Another star is the Badshah of Bollywood who is more lured to certain numbers and feels that these are lucky for him. Every car he owns has a 555 figures on its number plate. All his cars including the BMW 7 series, Audi 6, Land Cruiser, Mitusbishi Pajero, Rolls Royace Drohead Coupe, etc carry these numbers. Similar is the case of Sanjay Dutt who also have faith in numerology wherein he calls 9 as his lucky number. Hence you can see his vehicle number as 4545, which add up the 9 figure. Also, the newly married couple Bebo and Saif too likes the numbers 3 and 7 respectively for their cars, which goes as per their birth dates.

There are some in the Tinsel Ville Town who are obsessed with using some special ways of alphabets in their names. For example, if you look at stars like Ajay, he has removed the word A from Devgan making him as Ajay Devgn, while Ritesh Deshmukh is spells his name as Riteish. It has really worked for Ajay in his recent released movies, however, this idea simply failed to work with Vivek Oberoi. However, there are few who do not change their name or spellings but believe in naming their movies with certain specific letters online unlike the way you find Ekta Kapoor being obsessed with the alphabet K, while Karan Johar too was seen doing the same for his few initial movies like Kuch Kuch sizzlinga Hai, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, etc, however, he is back on his track naming common names without any special letters.

While there are few who simply seen trying wearing bracelets, finger rings, are watches etc. Salman as we already discussed has his father’s bracelet, while Amitabh Bachchan is seen having blue sapphire ring after consulting an astrologer, which really helped him recover from the bankruptcy. Then you have Shilpa Shetty the 38 years actor of Bollywood and the co owner of Rajasthan Royals at IPL who is often seen with two watches in her hand. For Hrithik Roshan, his extra finger is his lucky charm, which he never chooses for a surgery in order to remove his extra thumb.

Then you have certain actors who never miss visiting Temples, Dargahs, shrines, etc. Like for example, Deepika Padukone never misses out visiting Siddivinayak Temple especially before her film release, as she calls it a blessing from her god that helps in making her movies a bit hit. Unlike Deepika, you have Katrina Kaif getting dressed up in traditional attires to pay a visit to the shrines of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer, wherein she performs a number of rituals out there. As per reports, she has visited there for several times during the release of movies like Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak and Dhoom 3. Similarly, you have Preity Zinta who visit a temple with her IPL team and then distribute the Prasad to entire team members. Vidya Balan is seen trying special brand of Kajal known as Hashmi as she calls it as her lucky charm then you have Bips who always buy Nimboo Mirchi every Saturday to put on her car.

Then there are stars who are very much particular about timing. Like for instance, Mr. Perfectionist, he is too much concerned about releasing his movies only during Christmas as he considers the timing to be a perfect auspicious one for the B Town. Hence all his movies are being released during the said time, while as per reports, even the birth of his son Azad was scheduled to be delivered by his wife – Kiran Rao during the month of December. You then have Anushka Sharma who wants all her releases during the month of December, right from her debut movie like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, to Band Baja Baraat, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl actress, etc. were released in this month only.

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