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Sunny Leone shoots down Rakhi Sawant’s comment

Jeetu Likhar




Sunny Leone who is often the target of several actors in the B Town along with some third grade item girls like Rakhi Sawant seems to have embarked with her statement. However, she was smart enough to show her decency while reacting to their statements, which is certainly not seen in people like Rakhi Sawant. Sunny said that Rakhi’s statement are baseless and weird and has nothing to with professionalism. She said that any competent actor would never say anything bad to their fellow actresses or actor in B Town. So, it’s not her problem and she cares the damn for ladies like Rakhi.

She said, she is focused on her career and would continue doing so. Rakhi has commented on her by asking the former porn star actress Leone to return to her place from where she had come from, while Celina Jaitley who has alleged Leone for trashing her home, which she had rented out to the actress. She further said that she is very much accepted by the Indian crowd and thus enjoys her own fanbase in the country, which any third grade actress like Rakhi Sawant would never ever get. Sunny Leone was seen in a couple of movies released in the recent past including Kuch Kuch Locha Hai and Ek Paheli Leela.

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