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Antibiotics for Kids can prove fatal for their development

Antibiotics have been the way of life for many general practitioners and pediatricians. You often see doctors recommending antibiotics to kids, which according to a new study can hamper their development. As per a new study, the repeated course of antibiotics can have adverse impact on their development. In a study carried out at the NYU Langone Medical Center has cited out a number of incidences in favor of this study, which stops doctors to give the course of antibiotics to kids.

As per Martin Blaster the researcher and author has openly thrashed the doctors and healthcare experts favoring the course of antibiotics to kids. As per their study, those treading the path of antibiotics can help kids to recover fast, however, it has an adverse impact over their immune system. The fact is doctors have been relying on this since they felt that it comes with no biological cost. The study also indicated that an average child in the US is given 10 course of antibiotics by the age he or she turns ten.

The same study also reported the short, high-dose pulses of tylosin can have the long-lasting effect over the weight gain among kids, while amoxicillin can hamper their bone growth, which is an important prerequisite for increasing their heights. The same study also indicated that it can kill the gut microbiome among the kids along with changing the ecology of the microbiome in terms of density and diversity. This study was published in website of journal Nature Communications.

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