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Sunny Leone Back in B Town to Fight obscenity charges

Jeetu Likhar



Sunny Leone in legal tangle

Sunny Leone is back in news for the same old charges- spreading obscenity in the society. The former porn star has been charged with obscenity charges as per one of the FIR files in Dombivli (a suburb in Thane district near Mumbai). The FIR was lodged by one of the social activists and her group based in the said place claiming that the Kuch Kuch Locha Hai actress is promoting vulgarity and thus ruining the Indian culture and society with her portal through uploading obscene pictures and videos in it.

She has been busy shooting for one of the popular shows of MTV called Splitsvilla in Goa. She subsequently took a three-day break from the shooting to deal with the case. Another complainant Arinjay Jain also has filed the same charges against Sunny Leone along with the CEO of Google for promoting vulgarity. According to him, he has registered the case demanding five years of jail to the actress for the allegations.

The actress is back from Goa to record her statement at the Thane Police Headquarters. As per the sources, she was supposed to finish her shooting for MTV show Splitsvilla by the end of this week since it is scheduled to go on air in just few moments. The shooting was going on as per the schedule, however, considering this case, Sunny has taken a break from the shooting to settle the matter.

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