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Sui Dhaga 1st Day Box Office Collection

Anushka Sharma -Sui Dhaga

As expected the film had a decent performance over the box office. The lead actors – Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma who came for the first time over the silver screen sharing the screen has managed to showcase the best of the chemistry between the two that also helped the film to escalate the buzz in the media. This will keep on escalating in the coming days as well. Now, if you look at the way the film has performed over the box office there are various things that have played the role together to keep the ball rolling for the film. The lead actors aggressively promoted the film in the media and kept the buzz alive till the film got released in the theaters.

The film also managed to get decent reviews both from the audience and critics that also helped it.  With no major film releasing this day, SD had an advantage along with having an edge with it. Thus if you check the occupancy report, it went on to go smooth over the box office. As per reports, the morning shows went on to score 30 to 40 percent of occupancy that went on increasing the passing time becoming the highest in the evening shows – 90 percent. Both the multiplexes and single screens were able to perform in a decent fashion that ended up giving the makers reasons to rejoice.

As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Sui Dhaga reached to around 8.5 crore, which is somewhere, close to the expectations of the makers. The current figure is decent for the first day collection and it has the hope to increase in the passing days as well particularly during the first weekend. The experts feel that the film has developed a decent buzz in the media and is likely to drive good amount of audience thus increasing the collection in a decent note. Thus with the current state of affair, the film would be able to score well as 35 crore in the first weekend, which is again a decent figure at the box office. Stay tuned to know more about it!

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