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Shashwat Amrev rises as a content creator

Building an extensive network of learners, If you have dug deeper in the field of content creation in India, you must have heard the name Shashwat Amrev. Shashwat is a skillful and sophisticated content creator who came to know about content creation at a young age. He began as a streamer and trader and built a significant audience through streaming and trading in the early days. He had long planned to be a content creator, but he did not have any definitive idea as to how he could add value to people’s lives through content creation.

It was only when he launched Stock Market Edges that he got an opportunity to implement what he had learned in the market over years. He decided to post informative and educational content on this Instagram page so that he can improve the knowledge of Indian youth related to the stock market. As time went by, his Instagram page captivated the attention of more and more audiences, motivating Shashwat Amrev even further to design and produce appealing content. Even though he did not have any definitive idea as to content creation in an early days, he had long had his target audience in his mind, which was the Indian youth.

Shashwat Amrev wanted to do something for and add value to the Indian youth, and this is the main reason that he does not mind sharing valuable insights and well-analyzed opinions related to the stock market and trading for free. He has contributed to the development of the Indian youth not only through content creation but also through books. He has authored two books, Learn Ethical Hacking and How to Earn Being 16. Even though Shashwat Amrev relishes the success he has achieved, he is not at all complacent. He focuses on expanding the community of learners and on adding value to the lives of more and more people.

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