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Rohan Joshi reacts to being trolled for his insensitive comment on Raju Srivastava’s death

Raju Srivastava said goodbye to the world on 21 September. On one hand, his family, friends, and fans are very sad due to his departure. His family, friends, and fans are deeply saddened by his death. The same, stand-up comedian Rohan Joshi’s tweet has created a ruckus on social media. He recently came under fire for making offensive statements against Raju Srivastava. Rohan responded to Atul Khatri’s tribute post by calling Srivastava’s death “karma” in a now-deleted comment. As Joshi stated, Raju “used every opportunity without recognizing that new talents were also developing,” he let the comedian in on some of his personal problems. Netizens took issue with Rohan’s offensive remarks and severely trolled him, claiming he is envious of Raju Srivastava.

Rohan Joshi

Rohan edited his comment in response to criticism, and he has now provided clarification.

“Yehi soch kar erase kiya kyuki after a minute of fury I realised today is not about my own feelings,” he posted on his Twitter account. I’m sorry if it hurt, and I appreciate your viewpoint.

Earlier, the comedian made an offensive remark on Atul Khatri’s post lamenting Raju’s tragic passing. We haven’t lost a thing, Rohan had written. Raju Srivastav used every chance he had to slam newer comics, whether it was Kamra, a roast, or any comic in the news, particularly once the new generation of stand-up comedy began. Every time he was called to rip an upcoming artistic form and label it insulting because he couldn’t grasp it and new stars were emerging, he went on every f***ing news station. He may have cracked a few amusing jokes, but he had no concept of comedy’s spirit or standing up for someone else’s right to express an opinion even if you disagree with it, Fuck him and good riddance (sic).”

Even actor Sikandar Kher criticised Rohan Joshi for making this remark and expressed sadness over the fact that a young man who may be smart and entertaining is likely devoid of a significant amount of humanity. At the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, Raju Srivastava suffered a second heart arrest on September 21 and passed tragically as a result.

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