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SRK Refuses to Play Age Father as suggested by his fans

It comes as no surprise that Shah Rukh Khan, the superstar of Bollywood, is still ruling millions of hearts, despite being in the film industry for more than three decades. The actor is known for his unwavering commitment to giving his fans the best experience and keeping them entertained. Recently, the actor once again demonstrated his trademark wit and charm when he refused to age and portray a ‘father’ role on-screen.

It all happened when a fan asked the actor on Twitter if he would play the role of a father on-screen, to which the actor replied, “Tum baap bano”. The fan was obviously taken aback by the actor’s response, but Khan was quick to clarify that he meant it in the most humorous way. He further added that he was only joking and he was not opposed to playing a ‘father’ role in the future.

The actor has always been vocal about his love for his fans and he never hesitates to interact with them on social media. However, despite being active on social media, Khan remains a private person and rarely opens up about his personal life. But on the professional front, the actor has always been open to experimenting and trying out new roles.

Khan’s refusal to play ‘father’ roles on-screen is understandable, as the actor has already done several roles in the past and he doesn’t want to get typecasted. Moreover, the actor is still in his 50s and is still as energetic as ever. Fans are also hoping that the actor will continue to be active in Bollywood for many more years.

Khan’s refusal to age and play “father” roles on-screen is another reason why he is the most loved actor in India. His energetic performances, witty comments, and his commitment to giving his fans the best experience possible have all made him an enduring icon in the industry. Even after all these years, the actor is still inspiring many people and he is an example of why age should never be a hindrance for doing something one loves.

Ziya Khan


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