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KRK Accused Kashmir Files Director for not Donating money to Kashmir Pandits

Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) has accused director Vivek Agnihotri of earning ₹100 crores from his latest movie The Kashmir Files but failed to donate 50% of the profits to Kashmiri Pandits. The movie is based on the large-scale exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the late 1980s and early 1990s following the rise of insurgency in the region.

KRK, who has been quite vocal on Twitter, posted a series of tweets wherein he allegedly accused Vivek Agnihotri of not donating 50% of the profits of the movie to Kashmiri Pandits. The tweets read: “The Kashmir Files has earned more than ₹100 crores worldwide, but instead of keeping 50% of the profits for Kashmiri Pandits, Vivek Agnihotri kept all for himself. I request the government to take strict action against him for not fulfilling his promise to the Kashmiri Pandits.”

The Kashmir Files, which is about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits during the years of turmoil, received immense support from many influencers, including celebrities, politicians, and social media personalities. Many people praised the film for its strong content, powerful storyline, and its attempt to highlight the struggles of Kashmiri Pandits.

However, KRK’s allegation against Vivek Agnihotri has sparked an online debate with many people questioning the director’s decision to not donate 50% of the profits of the movie to Kashmiri Pandits. Some have criticized the director for not fulfilling his promise and have called for an investigation into the matter.

Many have accused KRK of spreading false information and trying to malign the reputation of the director with his allegations. In response, Vivek Agnihotri took to Twitter and said, “I have never promised to donate 50% of the profits to Kashmiri Pandits and I have no intention of doing so now. I am committed to helping the Kashmiri Pandits in whatever way I can and I am working on various initiatives for the same.”

The controversy has opened up a discussion on the need for more support for Kashmiri Pandits and the importance of fulfilling promises made to them. It has also highlighted the need for more transparency and accountability from filmmakers when it comes to their financial dealings.

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