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SRK Gets Trolled on being silent on social issues but his reaction is too sober

Well, when it is SRK, you cannot just beat him for his witty comebacks. He is smart in cracking jokes with his smart sense of humor and thus have the knack to give it back to trolls. Both his fans and haters know his hilarious side of life while he is on the Microblogging site and we have one more example just two days back. On Twitter, one user was seen taking a jibe of the actor when he asked why is the star never voices on social issues like Riots in Kashmir and Bengal and the illegal settlement of Rohingyas, and the Missionary activities of conversions in south India ?? And later asked if the actor is just confined only to Make up and Fashion Dress ??? (sic)” 

Well the answer was too sober and smart which says that you cannot just beat the King of Romance. He said he would like to reply him but he does not know if he has properly and fashionably dressed for his rely. Now that’s smart of him when it comes to addressing such tweets with head and wit. He has talked in the past on several social issues but every time he does, his name has been dragged into several controversies, and his politically correct statements too have been attracted flak. So, he prefers to remain mute all the time and handles such issues with care and wit making them silent all together. 

We know how SRK’s statements about intolerance in India in the year 2015 have received so much of hate and flak in the media which went on to hamper the business of his film Dilwale. He then was seen publicly apologising and stating that his statement had been “misconstrued”. This has been so common for the B Town celebrities even Aamir Khan has to face the same thing when he narrated his wife Kiran Rao’s statement about the intolerance in India, and the way it frightened her. We saw people getting flared up, and soon the violent protests followed against him as well. So SRK has the reason to be silent on such social issues. 

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