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Spoiler Alert: Analysis of Ali starrer Ray, Forget me not!

Four of Satyajit Ray’s remarkable stories were turned into cinemas and released on Netflix. His stories are bound to evoke extreme emotions and this exactly can be seen in this anthology. All four stories are set in a different world and take you on the journey of emotions, anger and so on.

In this piece of article, I will be talking about the first story that has been shown in the anthology.

Forget Me Not:

Starring Ali Fazal, Forget Me Not is a work of art. This story is nothing but the art of an artist. A man named Ipsit Rama Nair played by Ali Fazal is a successful businessman with a loving family and newborn kid. His life turns upside down when a girl comes to him and meets him like an old friend but he fails to remember her. That’s when the story begins. Since “Ipsit Nair never forgets” as he has built the whole empire only through her memory bank. Browny points to Srijit Mukherjee for creating this art.


This is not just a story of memories or a person whose mind is like a computer. It is about that corrupted file or a computer that gets crashed purposely. Forget Me Not is a story about revenge and anger. Shweta Basu Prasad who plays Ipsit Rama Nair’s assistant’s character looks like a wallflower. And wallflowers are always neglected yet they are the most important because all secrets are kept behind these wallflowers.

Shweta has immense pain in her eyes. She lost the baby she still stands in the middle of nowhere when the one whom she loved is growing higher and higher without ever bothering that how else is coming down under his feet.This type of extreme emotion and the feeling of revenge can only come from some who lost their loved ones. The part where she mentions that ‘the baby would have developed the heartbeat in some time’. A human brain never forgets things, it keeps them in the backyard or the physiologist would say subconscious mind. Forget Me Not is a story that tells us that even you have done something wrong with a person you must not trigger it again and again. If Ipsit Rama Nair didn’t take him to the baby shopping this wouldn’t have happened. Ipsit still had a family but he took her for granted so much that he didn’t care for her emotions neither her nor anyone who came his way. The whole story sums up in one line which Ipsit’s friend says, ‘Jo tere liye data hai woh hamare liye memories hai’.

Now that you have read all my analysis about the first story and you have seen the story tell me in the comment box what are your thoughts on the story of revenge!

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