Actor And Entrepreneur Manuj Tilakraj Gulati Reveals How The City Of Mumbai Brought An Extraordinary Change In His Life

There’s no doubt that Mumbai is unarguably called the city of dreams. The city that never sleeps has given many people hope to achieve the unimaginable in life. Especially the world of films has seen people change their fortunes after moving to the city. Actor Manuj Tilakraj Gulati who moved to Mumbai two decades ago considers the city his home. In August, the actor will complete two decades since he moved to the bay. Ever since he set his footprints in the city, the actor saw a fair share of struggles in his life.

It was in August 2001, the actor saw a glimpse of the beautiful city and made up his mind to stay here. Initially, his father helped him buy a home in the Lokhandwala area of the city. However, the challenge began when he started hunting for work. After a lot of struggles, Manuj Gulati bagged a TV commercial for Cello ad in 2003. Making his debut with the ad, the actor then went on to be a part of various TV commercials. Eventually, a lot of music videos came his way that helped the actor rake in the great moolah.

However, Manuj Tilakraj Gulati always aimed to do more than his potential. Besides acting, he zeroed down his interest in entrepreneurship. To live a life of luxury in one of the plushest and expensive cities of the country costs a lot of money. Understanding it, Manuj Gulati took a break from acting in 2008 and started working on his management and entrepreneurial skills. The actor believes that it is risky to have only one source of income. “The thing that I love about the city is that it makes you, breaks you and teaches you how to survive under any circumstances. With endless dreams, I feel blessed to turn them into reality”, reveals the actor.

Besides his stint as an actor, Manuj established his venture called MG Enterprise that is specialized in digital media and film production. Well, the actor considers his decision of venturing into the business as the best thing that ever happened to him. Furthermore, he said, “I owe a lot to the city. It has made me a man that I always dreamt of becoming. No other place would have imbibed the commercial knowledge within me that I have learnt living in Mumbai.” With the successful run of his digital media company, the entrepreneur is exploring different horizons, and he is keen to venture into various other businesses in the coming time.

Mumbai is and shall remain my home for ever and ever and ever says the actor/entreprnuer when asked to some the city up in just a few words.

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