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Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat is Neither Beauty Nor Brains

Title and posters raise expectations but the real job has to be done by the story of. When I went to watch Khoobsurat, I expected a story like everybody does for every film. Towards the end I found one… but it made no impression on my mind. The only impression I got about Khoobsurat was the loud acting and dressing of Sonam Kapoor whom we can say has spoiled the film on her own. In an attempt to make a film that was all about her and that would put her in extreme limelight, she created a reputation of being a beauty with no brains. In her home production, she could have dealt with a little more interesting subject , with a little more interesting setting and lot more originality. She occupies the screen space so much throughout the film that the audience wonder if there is anything more to the film than just an overdressed an loud Sonam. I agree the intention was to create a loveable character of Dr. Mili Chakraborty but couldn’t she be more believable if she did not mouth out absurd dialogues and was not unbearably loud?

Fawad Khan ? Oh yes, he is not to be forgotten for he is the hero of the film. So what if he is drastically overpowered by Sonam, he does his part well. He might have been noticed a little more had the story been more sensible. And what is to be done with Kirron Kher who is going on and on with her over acting playing mothers to heroes and heroines in one film after the other? On the top of it , she matches shoulder to shoulder with her daughter Sonam with her over dressing.

Ratna Pathak is a talented actress no doubt but how could she make a difference to this otherwise nonsensical film? What was Aditi Rao doing in the movie? The scene in which Fawad politely breaks his engagement wit the royal princess, Aditi, is perhaps the most hilarious scene because she hardly gives a real expression. I wish the other forced in comic scenes were as humorous as this one. Music ? Hmm… It is good including the Bum Dole which has an absurd timing and could have been rather avoided had Sonam not been so keen to shake her bum.

      There is some sense in the movie but thanks to all the nonsense, you hardly notice it. In fact, had Sonam Kapoor been entirely deleted from the film, it would make sense. It is difficult to believe that Anil Kapoor, who is in films for more than three decades , has come up with this for his daughter .

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