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Sonali Cable Movie Review

sonali cable review

Sonali Cable after a modest buzz seems to be hitting the theaters this Friday. Starring Rhea Chakraborty, Ali Fazal, Anupam Kher, Raghav Juyal, Smita Jaykar, Muzammil Qureshi, etc, the movie is directed by Charudutt Acharya and produced by Sippy brothers (Ramesh and Rohan) and others. Music comes from Daniel B George and others, while Cinematography comes from Sudheer Palsane. The subject of the movie deals with unveiling the fierce cable internet war witnessed in the financial capital of India – Mumbai. An ordinary girl is seen waging a war against those who have monopoly in this sector keeping her everything on stake. The movie falls under low budget category, all set to hit the theatres this Friday 17th October 2014.

Now let’s check the plot of it. Sonali Dattaram Tandel played by Rhea Chakraborty is a ghetto girl of Mumbai city, who along with her internet boys are seen waging a war over greedy conglomerate, which is simply out to devastate their sprit of business. This comes into picture when her childhood love is back from the US and helps her to establish her small business in the current modern and high tech world. Everything seems to go smooth unless you find the giant of internet service provider company Mr. Vaghela played by Anupam Kher comes her way and pledges to oust her from his domain in order to rule with his monopoly in this market.

The movie also ropes in the themes regarding the growing network found in between the corporate and politician who together vow to harass common people just to make their vested interests. You can therefore call Sonali Cable to be a David Vs. Goliath story that witnesses some of the fierce kind of internet turf war in Mumbai City. Sonali is an ordinary girl who is seen putting all her life, love, peace of mind and even her sustenance at stake when she and her internet boys team is seen waging the war against the giant. They come together against the ways of country’s biggest internet service provider company’s expansion plan. The movie talks about the emerged corporate groups crushing smaller businesses without having any scope for its co-existence.

Now, let us talk about performances, Rhea Chakraborty, though new in the B Town world with not too many movies, yet has been cool in playing the character driven ghetto world so well. Though the performance cannot be called at par to ace actresses of Tinsel Town, yet considering to be a novice and playing a fierce character like this one was no simple nut to crack. You cannot ignore the fact the way she has tried hard to play a Maharashtrian girl with Mumbaia accent. Most of the time kept her spirits high to perform the way the character demands from any Bollywood actor. Anupam Kher as a cunning owner of an internet service provider company was as usual incredible in his performance. In fact, he has overshadowed everyone with his ace performance. Ali Fazal, as cute as always was seen the same in this movie, he seems to be improving with growing number of movies he has in his basket. Again the charming man had to step in the shoes of a ghetto guy based in Mumbai suburbs. While the internet boys too seemed okay in their performance, with nothing bad to talk about them at this point of time.

As far as other elements of the movie is concerned, the music was okay, though lacked some good and catching songs in it. In nutshell, Sonali Cable showcases certain average and not so popular numbers by certain upcoming music talents. Being novice, their efforts in putting an okay music can be appreciated, which can for sure improve in the coming future. Similar is the story at editing and other technicalities of the movie, which cannot be called as par to the high standards of critics, yet at times can be even regarded as decent considering the fact that you have novices in Sonali Cable.

Last Word Sonali Cable Review :

The movie can be called as a satire, which has touched an interesting subject of corporate and politician nexus. Hence in perspective of script, it has some freshness in it, let’s not forget that this script was one of the top scripts selected in Institute Screenwriters Lab 2012 beating even some of the cool ones from US and France. Sonali Cable epitomizes the character driven and roller coaster survival of a ghetto girl who with her band of internet boys takes down the powerful company in this domain. Essentially, it is an underdog story, which becomes worth watching considering a fresh and interesting script, powerful performances and cool cinematography and other elements. Considering a couple of positive points a rating of 3.5 is worthy for it.

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