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Sonali Bendre Behl the next to be the victim of Cancer after Irrfan Khan in Bollywood

We have a sad news there from the yesteryear actress Sonali Bendre when she announced on the social media platform in an emotional message that she is suffering from dreaded disease called cancer. As per the actress, she is suffering from Metastatic Cancer, which has reached to the fourth stage. She came on Facebook and posted a message wherein she said that life throws a curveball when one expects the least from it. She then informed about the cancer and then said that she is surrounded by her friends and family to get the best support system and she is blessed to get it.
She then was seen adding up that there is no better way to handle this rather to take a swift and immediate action. Hence she has been recommended to undergo a treatment course to be undergone in New York. She said she is positive about combating the dreaded disease and that she would fight every inch against the menace considering her friends and family members who have become a strong support system. With the increasing number of Bollywood actors and celebrities getting targeted by the dreaded disease, it’s astonishing to see how this scary ailment is spreading like flu.
Sonali Bendre
If you do not know about the metastatic cancer, well then let me tell you it is a form of caner when the cancer cells are seen breaking away from the primary location and then seen spreading to the other parts through the lymph system or the blood. These are called as the metastatic cancer, while the cancer cells are seen forming the tumors seen over the other parts of the body, which are simply known like the metastatic tumors. But both the basic and metastatic cancer is one and the same in nature. Often, the metastasis is seen occurring in the stage IV (four) of a number of cancer forms. Sonali is second in the industry that has been diagnosed with this ailment as we also know that Irrfan Khan is also suffering from a rare kind of brain tumor and is currently in London, UK for his tumor treatment.
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