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Somy Ali – A Social Crusader & Salman’s Crush Was Sexually Molested

Somy Ali and salman khan

The name ‘Somy Ali’ may sounds something really new & unknown isn’t? Of course this may be, but as far as the biography of our dashing super star ‘Salman Khan’ is concerned some of you might be familiar with the name ‘Somy Ali’. If still that doesn’t click your mind then you may go through this steadily. She’s is indeed a Pakistani fellow, who was crazy for our ‘Sallu Bhai’ and came along the way to the Bollywood just to meet her crush Salman. Moreover if we flew with the sources then she was dating with Salman for almost eight years before they both called it quits. – As per the sources.

But, for now she is turned as a social crusader who actually revealed her in-depth pain in a face to face interview that she was sexually molested and abused when she was five, and with a candid voice she’s insisted at a point that being a woman I have joined an organization of No More Tears (NMT) which is located in Florida. NMT is an organization that helps the victims of abusive people. Let’s will catch more on the same later, till then stay tuned with for the latest updates on Bollywood.

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