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Deepika Padukone’s Monologue Catches Fire with Male Version of ‘My Choice’

Deepika Padukone my choice

Many a times something may occur in our day to day life that actually makes us realize that indeed that can also happen? Or was it really worth that is now catching fire on the floor and indeed loved by our near ones? These questions are of course nothing right now but we all knew when it actually comes to us, the situations are somewhat like that only. So, guess what? Those statements are truly valid with our lovely ‘Deepika Padukone, an only celeb for which the fans are nothing but crazy like anything. But, for now the thing which is booming all over the B town and which can actually make each one of us soul lighten is nothing but her online video ‘My Choice’. A video which purely explores the respect for women and their choices, but as of now the video seems to be on the track of booming a toughest battle with a male version. However, lighting on to the male version then it’s asking the fairer sex to acknowledge men’s ‘choices’ too.

Keeping the video theme in view, the video deals with the directions of Homi Adjania, a well know celeb with she had worked in “Cocktail” and “Finding Fanny“, under the productions of Dinesh Vijan and last but not the least with the pinning of Kersi Khambatta. And if we flew with the sources then here Deepika have insisted on a point with the quote as “It is my choice to marry or not to marry… It is my choice to have sex before marriage or have sex outside the marriage..” – As per the sources, which was all about the female version where as if we come along with the male version then it fire’s a twist like this “My body, my mind and my choices … To wear the clothes I want, not dress the way you want. My choice to come home, when I want, Don’t think I am a cheat, if I stay out or don’t pick your call…” Isn’t something really astonishing? Of course it is!!

Male Version of ‘My Choice’

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