Social Media Aliya Hamid’s captivating presence & talent makes her internet’s favourite

Aliya Hamid
Aliya Hamid

Having millions of followers can be worrying because not everyone can be happy with your content. But that’s not the case with Aliya Hamidi. Her captivating smile, beauty, amazing talent helped her built a place in people’s hearts. That’s how she became one of the most popular social media influencers.

Her followers enjoy her acting videos. As she has worked with international cricketer/singer Dwayne Bravo in music videos, even the international audience is a fan of hers. This huge achievement too helped in the growth of her following. However, Hamidi’s followers always loved her fashion and make-up videos from the beginning.

On her Instagram page, Aliya Hamidi keeps sharing make-up tutorials. They are quite easy to understand and simple to follow. That’s how her growth in social media happened in a lesser span of time. While Aliya wants to stay intact as a social media influencer, she wants to fly high in her acting career too.

Along with Dwayne Bravo, Aliya Hamidi has appeared in several Punjabi music videos. She wants to do Bollywood movies and currently, her talent is being recognized there. So she’s getting some good offers. Her popularity, talent, and gorgeous looks help her get brand projects in the digital space. It can be said that Aliya is unstoppable and she has a long way to go.

While acting, make-up, and fashion will always be her top interest, Aliya Hamidi is fond of traveling too. She wishes to travel almost everywhere once the pandemic ends. Aliya Hamidi wants to start her own YouTube channel for vlogging. Once that happens, it can be said that her admirers will get to see more and more of her acting, make-up, and travel videos.

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