Digital entrepreneur Rishabh Jain aims to inspire and educate learners

Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain, one of the youngest digital entrepreneurs, prefers to be known as a ‘self-motivated learner.’ He stands among the top digital marketing entrepreneurs. With the passion, dedication, hard work, enthusiasm, and interest Rishabh possesses for learning more & more about digital marketing things, has definitely set an example for future entrepreneurs & aspiring youngsters to follow His enlightened path!

Rishabh is very well aware of the significance of digital marketing in this modern era where everything revolves around technology. Speaking about his work, Rishabh says, “I am learning new things daily because this is how we grow in this competitive era! Rishabh claims that he is pretty much dedicated to his work And further adds that If you are in a digital marketing world, you must have the latest updates on what’s happening in the industry and how it could be fruitful to your work

Talking about his company “Digital Business Incubator”, he told us that we are having sound experience of working with good clients so far!” He says that they have been lucky enough to grab potential clients to work along. With the best output possible, they have successfully delivered more than 40 projects in a very short span of time!

He told us that digital marketing is a vast subject and one needs to go deep down to gain complete knowledge on the same. While sharing his knowledge on Google Analytics, he said that it is one of the tricky sections of digital marketing. If you are able to understand and analyze the metrics- you are definitely among the best digital marketers, says Rishabh Jain while further explaining Google analytics to us.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Rishabh’s foremost priority is to share the knowledge he has acquired so far. He is actively inspiring youngsters and new learners to learn something new related to digital marketing to ensure that the upcoming generation doesn’t have to struggle enough for learning.

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