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Sneha Divakaran : Biography, wiki, age, height, instagram, pictures

Sneha Divakaran Bio :

Born: July 19, 1992
Age : 24
Birthplace :  Thrissur
Height : 1.63
Education: Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School

Actress Sneha Divakaran is best known for her negative role in the serial Parasparam. Running for the last two years, Parasparam has made huge TRPs on Asianet Channel. Sneha portrays the lead negative role of Meenakshi in the serial. In the household of three brothers, Meenakshi is the second daughter in law and is the most vicious one. Sneha has become very popular in this role as there is shade of viciousness and mischief in her character.

Sneha Family and Education: Sneha hails from Thrissur district. She is pursuing her graduation for a reputed college in the district.

Sneha’s Passion for Dance: At school and College level, Sneha has won many dance competitions and won loads of appreciation for it.

How Sneha became Meenakshi in Parasparam: Meenakshi is the second daughter in law of the family. A trouble maker, she is jealous of Deepti’s progress and success. She is also jealous of the younger couple in the family. Sugar coating her words, Meenakshi tries to influence all members to her side and get her wish done. But many a times, she has been caught and punished. Almost everyone in the family knows that she is dishonest and cunning.

Sneha featured in an advertisement and from there she was picked up for this role in Parasparam.

Sneha in Game Shows: Sneha has made her appearance in other TV reality and game shows as well. She appeared in Sell Me the Answer and Ningalkum Avaam Kodeeshwaran. In the latter she appeared with Parasparam lead actress Gayatri Arun.

Sneha in Advertisements and Endorsements: Ever since she tasted fame as Meenakshi, Sneha has signed other serials, endorsements and her interviews have featured in magazines.


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