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Sleeping with lights on can make you fat: Study

Yes, it’s true, sleeping with your lights on can make you add more flesh over your body. As per one of the studies carried out by researchers based in Leiden University Medical Center based in Netherlands, you can add up more fat over your body. Even while you sleep watching TV keeping your lights on or busy doing something on your cell phones can tend to add weight over your body. The same research suggested that people of 16 to 24 years of age are often seen staying online around 20 hours per week, while the recent figures are seen adding up reaching to 30 hours as well.

The research has given a number of issues, which one can witness if you are seen indulging acts like these watching TV for long hours, browse the web, remain active on the gadgets day and night, which eventually add up the fat making you obese and dump. Hence if you are keen to get rid of obesity and not interested in seeing adding up the fats on your body, make sure you remain active and lead a life, which has less amount of connectivity with the modern day gadgets. The study was published in the popular journal called National Academy of Sciences Journal Proceedings.

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