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Singham Returns To Promote on Sony TV’s CID Episode

singham returns on cid

It’s time for the CID guys to get delighted with Bajirao Singham Ajay Devgan on the show; this news isn’t sounds a bit odd? But my friends now the time has come to get rid of such news, as if it’s just the initial phase that is making us shocked! In fact we as Bollywood lover not even though off that as well as the show CID doesn’t seems to be so catchy now a days, this is not my prediction but just think about it do we really like such shows now?

Of course there was a time when there was a huge craze amongst the fans but keeping such reviews a side, if we thing in a different way than this, it could be an effective way to catch up the viewers like the theme is quiet similar to ‘Singham Returnsand I guess that’s the basic reason behind the promotion of the movie on the show.

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