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Ajay – Kareena To Promote Singham Returns on Comedy Nights With Kapil

ajay on comedy nights with kapil

Fetching up the news and trends in Bollywood, the renowned Kapil Sharma’s comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil” now seems to be flooded with the stunning celebrities, starting from the King Khan to the Tiger Shroff, but this time it’s none other than Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor to promote ‘Singham Returns’ on the floor, however the catching up the massive likes and shares on social networking website like Face Book, twitter, etc the promos and songs are almost on its peak to make a record as well, but as it is rightly said that a glass of water in enough for a thirsty man in the same way, this may be a try for Ajay and Kareena to make their fans a bit happy and express their views before the release of the movie.

However talking about the show then as we are quite familiar with the awesome punches and pranks that can really make any one laugh just hilariously and sometimes loudly as well, But what makes us watch the show is the entertainment cum guest which are either invited or they personally come on the show, if we catch out the casting of the show then here Kapil seems to be in a new avatar as a Police officer with full on punches along with Ajay and Kareena, who seems to be enjoying each and every punch which are executed by Kapil, though the show is nothing without ‘Dadi’ but don’t get depressed as your wish is now fulfill as here ‘Dadi’ seems to be in a romantic mood as she’s forcefully kissing the Singham i.e. Ajay. Nonetheless, what makes us eager is the date and time i.e. when these stunning celebrities would be on small screens.

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