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Simran Movie Review : A Perfect cohesive cinematic piece as we see Kangana simply nailing with her incredible performance

Simran Movie Review
Movie Name: Simran
Star Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Sohum Shah, Rupinder Nagra, Catherine Dyer
Director– Hansal Mehta
Release Date – 2 hrs 07 mins
Rating – 4.0
The film is loosely based on the life of of a NRI called Sandeep Kaur In the United States who was convicted for stealing money from four bank robberies and casinos. Meet the lady Simran who happens to be a Gujarati housekeeping lady based in the United States. She is very ambitious and is seen allowing her ambition to grow and get better and thus is seen getting involved in a world of crime. You can find the lady racy, fun film when we see Kangana Ranaut playing the titular role in the said movie. So, what happens next when she gets into the legal issues, will she gets the come back or put behind the bar is interesting to catch.
The film though is based on a character who was tough and away from humor but Hansal Mehta’s Simran is away from all these things. It has humor, it has fun and it has small time crime and con things. Kangi has added the right kind of spirit and vigor, which have made her credible over the silver screen. Hansal has done a great job in customising the character in the most realistic fashion for the Indian immigrant diaspora. The film is able to coated with humor along with many other elements that are not so often common in B Town movies.
However, the clash amidst the lady and her father seemed stringent, bullish and heart wrenching for the obvious reasons. However, the movie doesn’t stop here but it has several elements in it including drama, humor, social commentary and even the xenophobia found in the US that can be messy at times. However, the only complication can be found in the character of man Soham Shah and the film seems to be getting hampered getting overcrowded genres. Thus the elements do get added up with tragedy, melodrama, which somewhat hampers the entertainment value. However, the performance of Kangi was simply awesome. She has simply nailed it with her performance and others seemed lagging behind. Talking about the other elements of the film, it scored high in all the departments be it direction, screenplay, performances and music. That’s not all, we get to see even the technical aspects of the film too doing wonders including editing and photography.
Simran – The Last Word 
Once can call Simran to be beyond one time watch. Thanks to the script, the performance, the filmmaking techniques, the music, the songs, the screenplay and the list goes one. It is indeed a cohesive cinematic piece that has the capacity of going far beyond the expectations.
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