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Simi Garewal refused the offer, received in the web series ‘Queen’

Actress Simi Garewal

Veteran Hindi cinema actress Simi Garewal has revealed that the role of Jayalalithaa’s interviewer in the web series ‘Queen’ was first offered to her, but she refused to play it due to some ethical reasons. Simi says, ‘I don’t think we can revive the character of a departed person after watching some interviews! This is not true morally, especially if the person has not lived in this world.

The actress, reputed to be the host, said, ‘The producers of the series called me several times in office. But I did not feel right to perform an interview with a passing man. This could not have happened, because it would look like coercion and would harm my standard too. I have moral reasons to reject it. But this does not, in any way, reflect the quality of the show. She is one of the most indomitable women of our time. I thank the producers for rewriting their story, and wish them all success. ‘

Directors Gautam Vasudev Menon and Prashant Murugesan wanted Simi to play the interview of Jayalalithaa in this TV series. Talking about it, Gautam Menon says, ‘We wanted the show to have an artist who could connect with Shakti, and bring out the most obvious aspects of her life. Who would be better than Simi Grewal for doing this? Her ability to empathize with the guests made her a perfect fit. However, it did not work. We eventually cast Lillete Dubey. She hosts a great talk show. ‘

Baahubali’s Shivgami Devi i.e. Ramya Krishnan will appear in the web series ‘Queen’ as Jayalalithaa. ‘Queen’ tells the story of Shakti Seshadri, a young girl who was a state topper, a superstar reluctant heroine and later the youngest Chief Minister.

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