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Elnaaz Norouzi donated her clothes on Christmas

Elnaaz Norouzi
Actress Elnaaz Norouzi

Elnaaz Norouzi, the actress who left a different mark in Sacred Games, is not only a great actress but also a beautiful person from the heart. Recently, she did something that has convinced everyone of her inner beauty.

Recently Elnaaz has donated her clothes on Christmas to poor children. Talking about this, Elnaaz said that “I am from a very simple family and I did not always have the money to buy fancy clothes.” When I started earning money, I made a habit of donating clothes. I have been doing this for many years. “

Talking further about this, she said that “I grew up in Germany, so Christmas is a special occasion for me, many people don’t have a family to spend this opportunity together and give each other gifts, so I think Maybe I can make some of these people happy. “

Talking about her  Christmas ritual, Elnaaz said that “I always take a gift for the disabled or cancer victims.”

Elnaaz urged to help the poor people, saying, “Those who do not have enough money to donate can donate clothes.” Instead of throwing it away, someone can be helped if needed. You can even give food. “

Elnaaz said, “How easy it is that if you have extra food, you can give it to people who don’t have food.” I always pack whatever is left in a restaurant because there is always someone who has not eaten dinner or is hungry and I give it to him. This small step makes a better world. “

Elnaaz Norouzi explained her Christmas planning that “This Christmas I am going to Germany after 5 years. I am very excited to celebrate Christmas again with my parents. I miss the snow and Christmas markets there a lot. “

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