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Simarjeet Singh Nagra is redefining norms as India’s boldest turbaned model!

Simarjeet Singh Nagra  is a legend in his own terms. As India’s most recognized turbaned model, he has created a unique name for himself in the modeling world. A Civil Engineer by profession, Nagra entered the world of modeling as a ramp model and slowly worked his way up to working alongside Bollywood A-listers such as Ajay Devgn and Rana Daggubatti in print ads and television commercials. His most recent commercial with the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar created waves on screen. Despite attaining such popularity, the model refuses to walk the ramp without his prized possession- his turban!                                                     
Your journey into the world of entertainment has been quite eventful. Tell us a bit about yourself.

“Professionally I’m a Civil Engineer and MBA in Construction Management and was working as a manager in one of the one of the biggest real estate firms in India. However, my true passion lies in acting and modeling. There came a point in my life where I thought it would be now or never for me and that is when passion won over profession. I risked my career and came Mumbai with the belief that a small happiness doing what I love means so much more than the regret of a conformed life.”

You’re dubbed as India’s first turbaned model how does it feel?

“There were one or two turbaned models which came before me but I became recognized due to my extensive profile. As per the industry I am considered to have a prominent model personality. I consider it a blessing from The Almighty that my turban adds to my strength.”

What is the first thing running through your mind as you are about to walk the ramp?

“Before I walk the ramp I say to myself, I am the king of the ramp and I am already wearing my crown so let’s show that to the world by walking like a king!”

You recently did an ad film with Sachin Tendulkar. What was it like?

“The ad was a campaign for Aster Pharmacy’s Road Safety. I feel so humbled to be the only one selected out of a sea models to be a prominent part of the campaign alongside the God of Cricket. The best part about the whole incident was that my turban was the reason I stood out in the crowd.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I love that my job is challenging and creative. The whole idea is to make a name and space for yourself in a sea of people.”

What is your advice to those Sikhs who aspire to be actors and models?

“For years, Sikhs have been stereotyped in the industry. Now is the time to break that stereotype. so come into the limelight and bring your turban with you!”

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