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Shweta Tiwari keeps the custody of her son, Reyansh; Abhinav Kohli can visit him on weekends

The Bombay High Court has declined to grant custody of actor Shweta Tiwari’s five-year-old son, Reyansh, to his estranged father, Abhinav Kohli. Kohli, on the other hand, will have access to their son. Kohli can now video call with his son every day for half an hour and visit him on weekends for two hours. Over the following several days, Kohli and Shweta Tiwari can work out the details for this.

Abhinav Kohli has filed a habeas corpus petition, alleging that Shweta Tiwari had kept their son away from him unjustly. He had asked for his kid to be brought before the court.

On July 13, 2013, Abhinav Kohli and Shweta Tiwari married, and their son was born in 2016. Kohli moved into his mother’s house when the two got into a marriage squabble. Kohli’s mother lives in the same building as Tiwari’s residence in Mumbai’s Kandivali East neighbourhood. Tiwari, according to Kohli, had isolated him from their son and even attempted to take him out of India. He said that the actress was too preoccupied with her work to care for their son, who was left with the maids. He indicated that he has opted not to take on any professional projects in 2019 in order to spend more time with his family.

Abhinav Kohli’s lawyer, Swapana Kode, claimed that their son was infected with Covid-19 during the pandemic, and Kohli and his mother nursed him back to health, then Tiwari secretly stole him away. Kohli has been unable to see his son since November 2020 and, despite his best efforts, has been unable to locate him. As a result, he has petitioned the Bombay High Court for his custody.

Shweta Tiwari, on the other hand, stated that she will continue to work in order to support herself, her children, and her parents. She disputed all of Kohli’s allegations and, in fact, levelled a slew of counter-charges against him, ranging from misbehaviour with Tiwari’s daughter (from a previous marriage) to substance misuse. Tiwari also cited a number of complaints and reports indicating that Kohli had shown to be a danger to her, her family, and, in particular, their son. Tiwari went on to say that any interaction with Kohli is likely to be harmful to their son’s well-being.



In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.
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