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Shivaay Song Tere Naal Ishq Featuring Ajay Devgan and Sayyeshaa


The fourth song of Shivaay, is intense and heart breathtakingly beautiful. Sung by Kailash Kher and composed by Mithoon on Sayeed Quadri’s soul quenching lyrics, the track has a haunting melody.

Picturised on Sayyeshaa and Ajay Devgn, Tere Naal Ishqa like Bolo Har Har Har, Darkhaast and Raatein takes the story forward.

Lyrics by Sayeed Quadri strung beautifully in an intense melody Tere Naal Ishqa is an exploration of Love in its purest form. A prayer that vests in each heart whether for a parent or a partner, the lyrics are multi layered and yet simple to remember.

Kailash Kher in his indomitable style has felt each word and internalised the pain expressed in the lyrics. His voice carries the meaning of the lyrics perfectly. There is a deep pathos in the song, a reverence to the emotion of love. Though others before have dwelled on the word Ishqa, it is very interesting how Mithoon has used the term Ishqa to connote the ‘relationship of love’.

Expectation, Respect, Emotional Security and Hope for continuation of support from a loved one, Tere Naal Ishqa explores a range of emotions embeded in the human heart when longing for Love.

The visualisation of Tere Naal Ishqa by Ajay Devgn had Mithoon in tears when he saw the first screening of the song. Tere Naal Ishqa in the zone of Mithoon’s earlier work but sounds a lot more emotional. Unlike the usual euphoria of love expressed in Bollywood cinema, Tere Naal Ishqa is about love felt with the deepest devotion.

Shivaay releases on 28th October 2016 and going by the Sound track introduced to listners as the ‘Sound of Shivaay’ which was launched online on 7th October, the film promises to be an action adventure caper with a heart full of emotions.

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