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Shivaay Movie Review


Too much of action and emotions have ruined the film’s entertainment value

One of the movies releasing this Friday is Shivaay, which is directed and produced by Ajay Devgn under his own banner called Ajay Devgn FFlims in association with Pen India and NH Studioz. It features Ajay Devgn, Sayyeshaa Saigal and Erika Kaar in the leading roles, while Mithoons has given music for the film and soundtrack as well along with getting the help of British band called The Vamps along with Jasleen Royal in it. The film falls under action thriller, which seems to have loads of action and high risk scenes created both real and via the VFX effects. Well, let’s check the crux of the film by checking its insight about the same as under:


The film is based on the life of an innocent Himalayan mountaineer called Shivaay played by Ajay Devgn. He enjoys his adventurous life along enjoying his family life till he is hit hard by targeting his family comprising his wife and daughter makes him a mean destroyer simply to secure his family from the foes. The film has its base in Bulgaria wherein he is trapped into a situation to protect his family from the culprits who want to ruin the peace and tranquility of the system.


Shivaay is a simple and straightforward film having a simple tale of a man wanting to secure his family after he is trapped by some anti-social elements. Well, the background, the action and other things may differ than any other Bollywood movie, but the core of the film seems very much repetitive thus it is nothing but an effort to serve the same beer in a new bottle which has failed to change its taste and zest that is highly demanded in serious audience. The over-do action can be a fodder for those who are keen to catch up an action film, however, with too much of action the film has lost its quality as one can find things going overboard without impressing the audience. The first half seems okay but the second half has loads of melodrama, overdoing of action making it a monotonous watch by the way. In a sense if you are an adventure or action lover you may like the film to some extent as rest of the part of the movie is melodrama which becomes difficult to digest in many ways.

Star performances

Let’s talk about Ajay Devgn in the film in the character of a mountaineer called Shivaay. He could be a good actor though who has tried earlier to experiment with actions but too much usage of the same has ruined the entertainment value in it. On the face of it, his actions could appear nerve racking but too much of melodrama in the film can make your cry and pull your hair as to why you have come all the way to catch this film. Sayyesha Saigal and Erika Kaar are doing the debut in the film and thus have certainly failed to impress in many ways. They are new in a B Town movie, however, not even her steamy scenes (Erika Kaar) wherein she is seen lip-locking with Ajay seems pathetic. Both the ladies have failed to emote the ways the script demand. Talking about Abigail Eames, she seemed good in the film with the daughter role and has somehow impressed the audience.

 Direction, Music, Screenplay and editing

Watching Shivaay may not be called as a treat to our senses except a few of the audience who love too much of action. The direction seems lacking the qualm that is known to give the edge to films. Ajay Devgn could be a good actor but fails to be a good director and on top of it he has jotted down the story failing to join the dots that completes the film. Music is okay but not that impressive similar is the story with editing and screenplay. However, with photography one can enjoy a bit with cool places to catch from the locations of Bulgaria and other similar places in the vicinity.

Shivaay Last Word

The film is a blend of many things, right from extreme actions to emotions, which at times makes the movie very much confusing. The film trailer may appear to be impressive but as we check the film it becomes a film with overdoing things.  The film in many ways have failed to impress the audience at the multiplex may be the single screens in the town areas may be able to like it.

Rating – 2.5


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