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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Movie Review


KJo is successful enough to bring out a poignant tale of unrequited love in his movie

This Diwali, we have the most awaited movie releasing called Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The film has heard and read a number of controversies surrounding the movie. The high flowing patriotism & jingoism seems to have made the biggest pre-release buzz for the film release in the media.  The film is directed and produced by Karan Johar under the banner of Dharma Productions, while the run time of the movie is around 157 minutes. The film has an interesting star cast, which include Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Fawad Khan in the lead role, while Lisa Haydon and Deepti Naval are seen in the supporting role whereas Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan are seen in the special appearance with a cameo in the film. Time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:


The film is all about friendship and love and showcases the relationship in a very different way also portraying heartbreaks in a different way. The film has a Hindu boy called Aayan played by Ranbir Kapoor who has a good friend called Alizeh who happens to be a Muslim girl. This man has his own past wherein another Muslim girl Saba Taliyar Khan was seen romancing with the chocolate boy while Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) too has similar thing with Ali played by Fawad Khan. So, it is a quadrangle of love and relationship wherein one loves the other and that fellow loves someone else, which can be only understood once you happen to catch the movie. In fact, it becomes interesting to explore about the same.


The film starts in an usual note which showcases the background of the main characters of the movie depicting things right that helps the audience to join the dots between the two couples the best. In a sense Karan Johar has worked hard to shape each and every character of the film aesthetically and beautifully so that it can help in getting things the best. The first half is usual yet seems gripping with the actions and melodrama that Karan has added in the film giving the audience some interesting stuff to enjoy, however, the main content or the crux of the film lies in the second half, which is being designed very smartly by the writer who happens to be Karan Johar only. The film becomes very much gripping as the second half arrives giving the audience the kind of love and relationship, which are really difficult to find in the second half. That’s the beauty of this film by Karan Johar. He might be a failure in some of his earlier films, but with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, he has simply gone out of the way to give an interesting film carved the way a film deserve to come in any festive season like Diwali.

Star performances

The film has some of the best characters to check starting with Ayaan played by Ranbir Kapoor, he is simply outstanding his performances of the given character. He has worked hard to make things perfect the way the character demanded him and left no diktat aside while playing the same. Be romancing with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or playing the best friend with Anushka Sharma, he has simply maintained all the balance and aura that makes him a very good contemporary actor in B Town. Next comes Anushka Sharma, she is an accomplished actor and has again proven her worth over the silver screen while playing the character of Alizeh. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan though was seen struggling with her character of Saba T Khan. Of course, she had a couple of intimating scenes with Ranbir which makes her conscious as to how she can romance with a guy half of his age and next is her so called overzealous and over boasting elements found in her performance that makes things bad to worse. She has never been able to make her comeback be it Jazbaa, Sarabjit and now the ADHM. Last but not the least Fawad Khan is simply awesome, he has played the character of Ali in the most balancing fashion and has left no stone unturned to make himself very much gripping nonetheless he has a small presence in the film.

Direction, music, photography and other elements

The film has one of the most impressive directions; K Jo has really worked hard to bring a decent film at the theatres. In fact, if we call him to be the pioneer of the modern day love stories, he can be certainly named as one for bringing out such a poignant tale of unrequited love. Similarly the music was fabulous for the film as every track designed is par with the requirement of a love and romantic genre movie, similarly, photography of the film is also awesome, as it helps in adding up the entertainment value of the movie. The editing of the film too is tight and incredible, which multiplies the entertainment value of ADHM to the next level.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Last Word

The film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is subtly outstanding, which has made Karan Johar go out of his ways to make things better for everyone. The film is both gripping in terms of content and performance and similar is the story with every aspect of the movie, which together helps in escalating its entertainment value to its zenith. This festive season it can be called as a treat to your eyes and other senses making the rating much beyond your imagination.

Rating – 4.5

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