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Shiv Sena Bombarded On Shobhaa De for Tweeting On Marathi Films

shobha de

Though it may seem like the Bollywood is on the verge of getting bored to some extent since few days but we promise, we won’t let you down with your emotions. So, guess what who’s the unlucky fellow caught by the Tigers of a well-known city i.e. Amchi Mumbai, yes we are talking about the tigers ‘Shiv Sena’ party which seems like have lost their temper just because of some silly tweets by a renowned author ‘Shobhaa De’on twitter. I guess you’ll must be waiting for the spicy stuffs don’t you? So, here it goes. Firstly just have a look on the tweets what she’d tweeted..


With reference to the above tweet some of you might have guessed what exactly is cooking behind the scenes. Though the tweet was somewhat diplomatic and a bit rude in the way of exploring the thoughts but in the end it’s all about Marathi movies and culture, that actually grabbed her on to the controversies and thus made the sleeping tiger awake. Getting dipper into the news then as far as Marathi movie is concerned then in the multiplexes it is mandatory to show the Marathi movies on prime time and with this Shobhaa depicted her statement. In response to the above tweet, the Shiv Sena party replied as “You have described the government’s decision vandalism. We wish to inform you that the ChhatrapatiShivajiBalasaheb Thackeray in his time, “Big Brother” is not, your ancestors and the child was born in Pakistan. You Page 3 parties involved would wear the burqa. You do a great service to Marathi land where you were born. For Maharashtra Marathi It is unfortunate that such a woman made comments” – As per the sources

And soon as the fire was on the verge to catch fire, Shobhaa again tweet a statement. Have a look here..


In response to the above, check what the tigers have depicted “Shobha DeSenaactivistsoutsidethehouseon Thursdaygatheredin large numbers. Wasin the hands ofsome of thesehot dogs, whichtheyintended toShobha De, of peopleprotestingagainstthe government’s decisionto sayand thencommentoncateringMarathibeautyhas insultedthe Marathiculture”

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