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Shilpa Saklani Joins TV Show ‘Parineetii’ as the Fierce Ambika Devi Singhania

Parineetii, the gripping family drama on Colors, is about to enter a thrilling new phase as it fast-forwards a year, continuing to enthrall audiences with the tumultuous journey of Sanju (Ankur Verma), Parineet (Anchal Sahu), and Neeti (Tanvi Dogra). In the current storyline, the cunning Neeti has committed the ultimate betrayal by killing Parineet and taking her place in Sanju’s life, becoming the mistress of the Bajwa household and treating Sanju’s family with heartless disdain. Meanwhile, Sanju is left devastated, struggling to come to terms with Parineet’s supposed death and the upheaval in his once-peaceful existence. Amidst the web of deceit and heartbreak, an unexpected ally emerges – Ambika Devi Singhania, a formidable businesswoman with a passion for righting wrongs.
The talented Shilpa Saklani portrays Ambika, who not only finances one of Sanju’s dream projects but also becomes a mentor to the presumed-dead Parineet, whom she miraculously rescued from a fatal fate. Ambika’s arrival is set to be a game-changer as she guides Parineet on a path of revenge against the treacherous Neeti. Will Parineet seek ruthless vengeance against her usurper, or will the sparks of love reignite between Sanju and Parineet?Expressing her excitement, Shilpa Saklani, the actress portraying Ambika Devi Singhania, said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with COLORS once again, and I am thrilled to bring such an incredible character to life in Parineetii. I will be portraying the role of Ambika, a fierce and unstoppable woman.
She is a successful businesswoman who commands respect and embodies true strength, with an unwavering sense of justice and determination to protect those she deems worthy.”She further added, “In Parineet, Ambika sees a kindred spirit – a woman who has been wronged by betrayal but refuses to be broken. Ambika’s arrival is a game-changer for Parineet. She becomes her mentor, empowering her to seek revenge against Neeti. Ambika equips Parineet with the necessary tools to reclaim her rightful place and make those who wronged her pay. I invite all viewers to witness the blurred lines between right and wrong. Get ready for mind-blowing twists that will leave you captivated!”

Ziya Khan


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